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About me

Hello! My name is Georgi Spasov,

Do you love antiques, history, old cultures and civilizations? Are you interested in the
ancient world of Thrace? Are you keen on learning about the stories and deeds of
one of the world’s most famous antique collectors and philanthropists – Vasil

This is the place where you can read all about this. Great images of never-seen-
before artefacts owned by Vasil Bojkov, unique videos, and informative articles.

More about me

I am an author, publisher, history lover and, above all, appreciator of everyone and
everything with a value. I love writing about antiques, collectables, cultural and
historical events from the past, as well as about persons with some kind of a story
worth spreading.

My passion for collectables and antiques began as a child when I thought I had
discovered some ancient treasure in the backyard of my grandparents’ house (which
later on I understood to be a coin with no particular value at all 😀 ).
The interest in history I got since high-school, thanks to my teacher who would
always tell us all the lessons in the most captivating sort of way.

And last, the appreciation of the man and philanthropist Vasil Bojkov was triggered
by a simple interview of him years ago in which he spoke of sport, charity, different
cultural events and exhibitions organized by him and, of course, the ancient world of
Thrace and his personal collection of artefacts.