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Vasil Bozhkov

Vasil Bozhkov

Who is Vasil Bozhkov? He was born in 1956 in Velingrad. He has lived in Sofia since 1978 and has graduated the National High School of Mathematics (now National Gymnasium of Natural Sciences and Mathematics) in Sofia, has second higher education – specialty “mathematics” at Sofia University and “Labor economics” in UNWE. He writes a lot, but he rarely speaks publicly. Mathematician, poker player, gambling and insurance boss, construction entrepreneur,  collector, football boss. The richest man in Bulgaria. These are the notorious facts published over the years. In 2006 the Polish magazine “Vprost”, which made the rankings of the richest businessmen in Eastern Europe, estimated its wealth to 1 billion dollars. According to other publications, it is 3 billion euros. Lv. Is it true or not – Bozhkov himself did not comment on it. In one of his few interviews he gave – in front of bTV in 2007, he explained the following about the accumulation of his wealth: “The first million, I am started slowly and gradually. Who knew me 1989, where I came From, 1990, 1991. I started with a small business – I bought, sold, created exchange offices, they’re gone. The business is dynamic and evolving. One must go to different levels. ”

Vasil Bozhkov is one of the people who start their business on the famous even before the beginning of the democratic changes in the country. Bozhkov’s first exchange office is on the ground floor at TSUM. It’s a very lively place. But the beginning of his market career after 1989 and many relate mainly to the security business. The first company of businessman-SCC was registered as early as 1991 and was abbreviation by three names – Stefan, Lyudmil, Vasil. In 1991 the Empire “Nove Holding” JSC was born. A year later, in 1992, a financial house “Novae” appeared, licensed at the same time by the BNB.

In 1993, he created the sports betting agency “Eurofootball”. He has opened casinos, bought banks, road-construction companies, insurance companies, invested in properties and hotels. He was among the founders of the first associations of big business – the Confederation of Large Industrialists (1993) and the Bulgarian Business Club “Vazrajdane” (2001). Now Bozhkov says there are companies all over the world – from Hong Kong to Argentina. It controls 40-50 commercial companies, in most of which is also a partner.