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The construction of the Museum of Vasil Bozhkov started

The telephone chamber’s complete makeover begins. The iconic building in the center of Sofia, which the businessman Vassil Bozhkov bought in the spring of 2017 for 17.3 million. Euro through the company “NG property ” Will live a new life.

It will be transformed into a museum, which provides for the creation of laboratories for the restoration of artifacts. The idea of the owner is in the future private museum to be shown the rich collection of the Bozhkov itself, which includes Thracian golden vessels and various archaeological monuments dated from 4000 BC. Hr. To VI century.

Telefonna palata
“Telefonna palata”, Sofia, Bulgaria

These intentions of the company – owner, announced the purchase of the former telephone pavilion. “NG property ” has a registered capital of 36 million euro. Lv. and is entirely owned by the company “New games”. In it the member of the Board of Directors is inscribed the majority owner of “Novae Holding”-Bozhkov, who participates in the management of “NG property “.

For all this to happen, however, a rather cumbersome administrative procedure was to be followed for the issuance of a construction permit for the reconstruction of the building, which obviously taken more than a year. Only at the beginning of this month (on July 4), the chief architect of the Sofia Municipality Zdravko Zdravkov signed the documents for the conversion after he had received the opinion of the Ministry of Culture on May 16. The authorisation has entered into force on 29 July. This is made clear from the published document (no162) in the “architecture and urban planning ” Directory of Sofia Municipality.

The investor company is allowed reconstruction and change of roof in the attic floor and changed the purpose of the building. From administrative, it is already “servicing with showrooms, offices, technological premises”. It is also possible to build an underground garage and to be carried out the reconstruction of the local station.

Obviously with the construction of the new attic floor, besides the expansion of the areas that is achieved in this way, the problem with the flowing roof of the year will be solved.

From the approval documents of the investment project it becomes clear that the total area of the building is 13 400 sq. m. , plus another 3000 sq. m. Located on an underground level. Now the people of Bozhkov will expand the underground by more than 4.5 meters. What will be the investment is not yet clear, but only the fee that the company has paid for the approval of the projects is about 100 thousand BGN (97 235 Lev), it is clear from the issued permission for construction.

To make this reconstruction of the telephone pavilion was decided to move and the sculpture of John Atanasov, placed in front of the building in the center of the capital.

In the previous owner – the Bulgarian Telecommunication Company, this building was used for its administrative needs, for payment accounts and some of its spaces were transformed into pubs. However, before the current construction permit was issued, the building was cleared and the establishments that used the areas were closed.


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